Dogs who love to splash about

Meet Luna. A naturally quiet character who comes alive at the beach. It’s in Luna’s nature to want to splash about and retrieve things. Watching Luna in her element, doing what comes naturally, is good for the soul.

Other walkers stop and smile when they see Luna bounding through the shallow water, totally absorbed in just being a dog. And then chuckle knowingly about the mess as they walk on.

Wet dog mess is a problem. A never -ending pile of smelly wet towels kind of problem. That’s how DogDry came about. We needed to find a way for Luna to enjoy doing her thing but without spending hours cleaning up afterwards.

Fast forward to buying every kind of dog towel, drying coat, dressing gown and drying bag and finding none of them were quite right. Luna hated wearing anything that restricted her natural movement, hated having her ears covered and didn’t want to lie down on a bulky buckle. 

So, we decided to design a drying robe that would work for our family. One that would dry Luna, that she would be happy to wear and that didn’t leave damp patches wherever she lay down for a snooze.  And since dogs come in all shapes and sizes, it needed to be easy to adjust for all body shapes.

Simple really.  

It may be the best dog drying robe in the world.

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