People and planet

We design and make things to be used. Things that are practical. Things that will be used again and again. We don’t make throwaway things.
We keep packaging to a minimum and use recyclable packaging or packaging that has a high recycled content.

 We believe in trade with purpose. Whether it is a fair wage, decent working conditions, or equal pay for women. Our suppliers are independently audited and doing the right thing.
Our family- owned factory is audited by Amfori.org. And our delivery partner is the first major company in Ireland to eliminate the gender pay gap.

We wait for things to arrive by sea. Tightly packed in cardboard boxes, travelling in full containers and using as little energy as possible to make its way to Waterford.
Yes, it takes longer, but the CO2 impact of air freight is not for us.

We use An Post for deliveries. They deliver to every address in Ireland every day so your package should not cause an extra journey. Mitch has been delivering post to our family for 12 years now and every day Mitch collects the packages we post to our customers. All in the same journey.
Most An Post delivery vans are electric. It doesn’t fool Luna though, she still hears Mitch coming.

Your DogDry will dry quickly flapping in the wind. Or overnight if you hang it up in an airy place. You can dry it in the tumble dryer. You can wash it every time you use it if you like. We don’t. We hang Luna’s DogDry on the line, let the fresh air do its work, and only wash it when it’s dirty.

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people and planet
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