Before we talk about how to wash it, we have one thing to ask. Do you need to wash it?  We think DogDry only needs to be washed when it is visibly dirty, not every time you use it . Flapping in the fresh air on your washing line is usually enough to get it fresh, dry and ready for the next outing.

Velcro. Love it. Hate it. Or both. We love how it adjusts for a snug fit on dogs of all shapes and sizes AND we don’t like that it takes a little more care in the wash. Carefully close ALL the velcro before washing. Open velcro will get all tangled up in itself if it spins around in your machine at breakneck speed.

Hold the fabric softener. Performance fabrics don’t like fabric softener. Fabrics designed to absorb water really don’t like fabric softener because it flattens all the little fibres where the water molecules like to hang out.  To keep your DogDry super-absorbent, waterproof and breathable for longer, don’t use any. Ever.

A normal wash at temperatures up to 40 degrees is fine for your DogDry and mitt. Even better if you zip them into the DogDry laundry bag before washing. It keeps the dog things separate from everything else in the wash, traps dog hairs so they don’t clog up your machine and reminds you every time not to use fabric softener. In case you forget.

Dry it on the line if you can. It’s free. It’s good for the planet. It’s easy. Your neighbours will know your dog had fun today.

Don’t have a washing line? Rainy day? Gotta get it dry right now?  You can dry your DogDry and mitt in the tumble dryer on a low temperature.  Just remember to close all the velcro so it doesn’t tumble into a tangle.

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